We produce automated software for any investor
who wants to raise the capital in his account


A brief presentation

artificial intelligence software
for any capital investor


Current performance

obtained by the software
into investors' accounts



activity to produce dependable
artificial intelligence software

Artificial intelligence at your service

Using specialized algorithms, our software can find real-time investment opportunities in a considerable number of markets.
Any private or institutional investor can use our software to make a profit in his account, or to increase capital efficiency of an existing investment plan.
Using a business intelligence system, the investor has complete control over the capital, and can unconditionally stop the software anytime.

We invite anyone to

Test the software!

We are not selling words. We are selling facts.


Cristian! It is working,
it is really working! D.A.

Yes, it does work! R.G.

This is probably the only invoice I pay with pleasure. F.G.

When I signed the contract I didn't trust the system. After about twenty days I have apologized for that. O.D.

I can't wait for tomorrow to see how high the balance is. I.A.

This is an equilibrated capital investment plan with real profits. N.W.

Really? Go away!
You don't need feedback! R.R.

After years of profits, I still can not understand where the money is coming from. R.V.

For confidentiality reasons, we can't disclose the names of my partners, but they recognize themselves between all these lines.
Thank you for your trust!

from partners

I have an account that grows every day, and a true friend who manages it. R.Z.

The only disadvantage I found is that the profit must be shared. S.A.

Send me please an additional 3% invoice. You deserve a bonus. J.F.

Once the artificial intelligence makes us money, human intelligence has only to spend it. R.M.

Cristian Păuna is unique and consequently his investment program. C.V.

Do you want a feedback from me? Damn you! You are the craziest person I have ever met and your software insults my intelligence. I wait for you to have lunch together. P.P.

You put me in trouble. I'll take my mother-in-law's money to pay your bill because I don't want to withdraw from the account at all. D.P.

I've been thinking for three weeks how to put feedback into the right words, and I only wrote "fantastic." M.J.


Algorithm Invest produces the most powerful automated investment software in the world. Using dependable artificial intelligence procedures, my system can find the best opportunities to increase capital efficiency into the investors' accounts. I invite everyone to test the software. It will change your perception and will show you a different perspective about the true value of numbers.

To access Algoinvest business
intelligence software interface

Dear partners, we have passed together through the most severe stock exchange crash in history, produced by the pandemic panic. This event was for my work the hardest test in the last twenty years. Everyone can relax; my software took the test. Even the markets have sharply declined as never before, none of you has lost capital, and large accounts have even recorded a profit. When you story this unique experience around, please don't forget to mention that your investment is managed by an artificial intelligence system based on theServer and SuperCont software made by Cristian Păuna. Thank you for your trust! (07.04.2020)

Profit from artificial intelligence. The story of Cristian Păuna - professional interview (for English version click here and for Romanian version click here) (30.04.2020)

Effect Sharing Buciness Club
is granted by contract to use
theServer and SuperCont
for its members for free.

ICAM Corporation
is granted by contract to use
theServer and SuperCont
for its clients and subcontractors.